Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rag Doll...

We turned around and noticed that the door was open slightly and then realized that a thousand dollars worth of pedigree rag-doll cat had wandered out into the wilderness beyond the suburb of Timberlee in Upper-Hutt.

Torches, boots, jackets, a vaguely uncontrolled nauseous feeling, the hidden embarrassment of having to walk up and down a street in the middle of the night cooing and repeating the name “Gizmo” over and over again.

The sudden looming fear on seeing that an alley way backed into what could only be described as the New Zealand Bush, walking down the alleyway towards said bush and the relief of seeing two piercing blue eye’s reflecting the torchlight back at me.

Said pure-breed cat recognized me and promptly followed me home almost in the manner of a dog. Relief gave way to a long evening of ‘Yay we didn’t loose the expensive animals’ Euphoria, which resulted in people being un-fit to drive and a sleep on a couch covered in said pure-breed cats.

I’m back in Wellington and the site has a new banner accordingly, which has been a while in coming due to the current lack of a reliable network which, combined with an extreme dose of laziness has led to me not really updating this place for quite some time.

Now however, money is depleting, bank accounts set, boxes arrived, employment has been sought. Things are moving again. After two and a half weeks of, well, just being a rat bag really.

I turned 26.