Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's all over...

It’s all over.

I just finished my final class as a teacher in Japan. All that’s left now is the drinking and the speeches. I took a final look over the rows of kids and paused for a second to fix the image in my mind, although I’m sure its ingrained there, just with different faces. It’s a mixed bag of emotions, some sadness, some excitement, some sense of relief that the process I’ve been planning (badly) for over the past few weeks is finally beginning.

At a leaving party last week I got given this drawing by Haruka, who I’ve been teaching since she was about five at eikaiwa classes. She’s now Seven and is one of the newest 1st grade students at one of the Elementary schools I teach at.

I think she got the beard done quite well, although it also looks suspiciously like Ryan McArthur for some reason too.

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