Thursday, July 27, 2006

A fixing...

This morning I 'fixed' the hole in my wall.

I placed the missing piece of wallpaper over the hole.

I then thumb-tacked a 100 yen photo frame over the offending wall mark.

I retrieved my long absent T.V. and video set from Mr. Gatewood the second to aid in the 'not a shifty bastard who you should charge repairs to' look.

This is a female Kabuto Mushi, Kabuto Mushi being the Japanese beetles with the large array of spikey horns. We found her on her back, outside the apartment yesterday. She was unable to roll over onto her legs and was stuck in the hot sun. Picked her up, documented her, and then placed her into a damp tree hollow on a neighbours property. I didn't think it was possible for a hefty bug to look cute, but she managed it in the bottom close up with her big eyes and fuzzy antennae.


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