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On the afternoon of the Monday Aine, Joe and I made use of Joe’s perambulatory motor vehicle and did go for a ride in the hills towards and into the Nagasaki Ken region. Once there we disembarked the vehicle and found our selves transported, as if by mechanical device and fossil fuels, to Ryutosen, a favorite swimming hole of all and one of my favorite places in Japan. For various reasons I was unable to partake of the swimming on this particular occasion. However, I did successfully endeavor in filling both of my memory cards with digital images of the events and surrounds. The best of these I shall present to you.


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A sign post in English. Misspelled, but it was wearing a cute hat. That hat will stay there for eternity as people around here tend to leave things that aren’t their own alone.

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An intrepid non antipodean descends the stairway down into the valley below.

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The upper waterfall in all of its glory sits waiting for the hot and bothered passer-by to take advantage of its dark, cold pool of tenuous adventure. Apparently that pool underneath it is a worthy 23 meters deep, which if you think about it, is, in fact quite deep.

Although, I've always felt that it doesn't matter how deep water is, the fact remains that if it's over your head and you stop swimming you'll drown, so it doesn't matter if the water is 2.3 meters, 23 meters, or 2300 meters. Drowning is drowning and I've never had any sympathy for people who are afraid of deep water because they are behaving like irrational cowards.

And I mean, if you're a real spong you can drown in shallow water or even the bath tub. Babies can even drown in a bucket, but it's not they're fault they're stupid to the point of retardation, they are young after all. Anyway...

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Again, the upper fall, bathed in the late evening setting sun.

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Here we see a close up of the main waterfall, accompanied by a mysterious floating head to give a better idea of scale, dimension and some would say emotional depth. Or maybe I just couldn’t frame the shot right without avoiding it. It is this waterfall that Kiara jumped from the near top of when I visited on my first day in Saga. He did not drown because he was not a spong.

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Here we find the lower pool, with rope swing, obviously enjoying the fact that it is an idyllic swimming hole at the start of summer. The rope swing is quite good. I recommend its thrills to everyone, young and old as being most efficacious in providing a nice jolt of adrenaline. Your granny will die happy. I mean isn’t that better than her sitting in some old folks home, eating bad food and smelling like nappies? Do you want her to live like that? Like a bird in a rusty cage? Or do you want to take granny to Japan and push her off a cliff into freezing cold water?

I can feel you might not be with me on this.

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Here is a large boulder, into which someone has carved the Kanji for Ryutosen and then painted it with a very hardy paint. Please gaze upon its countenance and wonder…why?

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As we depart, refreshed, bitten and happy, the sun sets behind the tree line, displaying them in the style of a silhouetted block against the clear sky beyond. Don’t you love trees? I know you love trees. You love trees more than your own family, you disrespectful heretic.

Now it is time for lunch. Please enjoy yours, whatever you’re eating, but beware. Gnomes lurk in Japan, gnomes that at this time of the year conspire to deliver the lurgy.


Blogger A.I.W. said...

Hey Adam! This a good blog on Ryutosen. I'm currently writing a free Magazine in Nagasaki called the NagaZasshi and this month we have a story on these relaxing falls. I would like to use a few of these pictures in the article if that's alright with you. I'll credit it to Adam from Kashima. When the mag is finished I'll send u a pdf version.

Thanks in advance

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