Friday, April 28, 2006

The dark side triumphs

I’ve always found that orchestral music played over a large loudspeaker system to be quite frankly far too authoritarian for my tastes. The way it has that hollow tin sound echoing just under the high ranges of the track and absolutely no low end just sucks the will to live, the heart of the music being torn out by thin copper wire, ceramic reverberation and instructions given out over the top in a rigid flat bored monotone.

Things have been progressing along at their own measured pace. The wheat is ripening, swallows are nesting and pastoral themes and analogies are boring me to death. Give me towers of glass and steel again I say! Although that’s only due to the fact I woke up at 4am this morning and everything seems to look quite grey now at ten to nine.

Biked out to the edge of the coastline last night with Fumiko. We drank and let off a bag of fireworks. A mortar fired off into the air, and then by the time it came back down again it was so quiet we heard where it landed on the road. Calm greasy sea water slowly laps against the concrete abutments that form the edge of this chunk of reclaimed land we’re sitting on. I make bird noises at sleeping birds on the Island, set of fireworks and pee off a four meter high concrete barrier into the gulf. Pondering on the potential ecological impact of my micturation, I arrive at the conclusion that it’s not like I do this kind of thing every day so the cumulative effects of the water, amino acids and glycosides I am depositing into this far from pristine fishing harbor will amount to little more than a piss in the ocean.

On another note, I recently wrote about the experiences I had in the unbelievably haunted 13a Adams Terrace flat and submitted it to’s question of the week “Messing with the dark side.” B3ta has a huge, world wide, reader base (it’s well into the tens if not hundreds of thousands) and they all vote for the stories they like. My response ranked into the ‘best of’ category, which means that it would have garnered quite some number of votes I believe. Here’s the link, it’s posted as being written by Feature Wall and it’s called ‘The dark side fucks with us.'

Also, as I stress at the start of the story, it is all true and did actually happen to me. Although maybe Goths don’t live there anymore, but still, taking a stab at Goths on b3ta is bound to draw votes, which is why it’s at the end.

---later on in the day---

Also of note, this afternoon I decided to do something about the lack of internet access at the larger school, where generally there is far less work to do because they fanny about a lot more. So I started to scope out if there was a free space on the nearest router. Found one! One of the head teachers noticed me and I asked for a cable. I was given one, but I had to strip the wires and attach the connecter heads myself. Which worked quite successfully and is the reason I am posting this now.

Small victories.


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