Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The sound of adventure

The exchange rates were so in my favor I have now nearly achieved my savings goals for the past two years (nearly) of hard work (kind of) in Japan.

On Friday evening I had a very large Enkai. My memories end at the point where myself and one other, much older, male teacher were sitting in a snack bar, the mama san so drunk she was pouring us GLASSES of Jack Daniels. The next thing I know, I’m face down, fully dressed, at the wrong end of bed, its one o’clock in the afternoon and my walkman is still going. Thank you Creative audio industries.

I have been recovering since then. I will never drink JD again.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Tokyo, the city of eternal light and limitless possibilities, for five days of unleashed anarchy and site seeing with Tim and Kamil.

Can you smell my excitement?


Blogger Clayton said...

you remember seeing me that night?

2:04 AM  

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