Friday, March 24, 2006

Lazy Friday

The machine now whirs happily into action every morning when it’s called upon, and the entire system is clean and new and complete. It’s really like having a brand new computer. Very nice to use and reasonably priced too.

At school today is the closing ceremony for the end of the year. At school today is not where I am. I have seen more than my share of ceremonies where children are spoken at and give pre-checked speeches back to those who were speaking. I can imagine the whole ceremony in detail as it is occurring now, in fact starting as I write these very words from the sun bathed comfort of my own couch. I have taken the last working day off. In fact, when I was looking for a supervisory teacher to tell this to this morning when I popped my head in at about eight twenty, I found that the person I was looking for had also taken today off.

The sun was bright yesterday morning as I arrived at work to watch the inter-school sports games that were running. I immediately saw two of my less sporting inclined students sitting under a tree and joined them. We agreed in unison that today was in fact, very boring, and set about learning about modern contemporary Jazz and Indie Rock, by listening to Adamu sensei’s walkman for an hour or so.

Soon everything at work will change. Looking forward to it in some ways, not looking forward to it in others. No mater the outcome, it is time to start slowly preparing for departure.

The exchange rates are in my favor today, so I might go to the bank and send some money home before they fly away again too.


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