Monday, February 27, 2006

Thighs that sing in the night

I nearly blew up the speakers in Jesus bar on Friday night doing an off rendition of an AC/DC song. Wasn’t properly warmed up and the vocals were well off. Just volume…too much volume. I fell asleep over a hamburger steak and chips a little while later and woke up in a diminished state on Kamil’s floor the next afternoon.

Instead of sitting in my house and making chickens 6 (which let me assure you is well planned out) I jumped on a bus, was provided with beer and sake and driven through the night and woke up in Hiroshima-Ken where I spent all day snowboarding. Random. Very random.

Jayne was along on the trip with me, Kamil and Sarah. She put me and Sarah through our paces in basic snowboarding, which was very useful. I managed to learn how to connect turns from my heel edge onto my toe edge and was comfortable putting a bit of speed down, with moderate control by the end of the day. Still beginning stages to say the least, but I advanced over my performance last time.

Living on a bus for twenty four hours in close quarters was a, um, bonding experience. Especially after a days sweating it out in spring snow season. Oh the fabulous odors we produced.

My legs are singing songs of delight after their all day workout and I have some spectacular colorations on my knees from learning how to connect turns onto my toe edge


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