Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Sapporo Sapporo Sapporo. Many activities were packed into three and a half days of rampant holiday fun. Chief highlights included:

  1. Teaching myself to snowboard.
  2. Three meters of snow in the streets and the temperature never going above zero.
  3. The snow sculptures at the world famous snow festival.
  4. Drinking at the Sapporo beer factory.
  5. Snow fights.
  6. Throwing small squealing girls into snow drifts.
  7. Cheap karaoke.
  8. Elaborate Onsen
  9. Having a bath outside in -3 degree temperature.

I have never seen snow like that before. Just piles and piles of snow everywhere. Half a meter of ice covering the roads. Once some more photo’s come through I will do a picture post with stories as well.

Of note would be the fact I spent some time teaching myself how to snowboard. Fell down a few hundred times but kept on getting back up. To begin with had a couple of spectacular wipe outs and then figured out what it felt like just before I was going to fall over, then learned how to go down a bit safer. Incidentally this was how I learnt to control my speed and direction, by leaning back into falls, until eventually I was leaning back and balanced, then falls were only precipitated by me becoming distracted by the amazing mountain scenery. There’s just so much to write about I think I will in fact wait for some photo’s to come through (lots of people took many good photos) and when they do I’ll use them as talking points.


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