Thursday, February 02, 2006

One more sleep to go...

A day where timetable changes and exams have depleted me of any meaningful work whatsoever, I’m sitting in this hot house of a staff room again actually looking forward to getting out this afternoon to the elementary schools to

  1. Do some work and
  2. Not have to sit in a room with two blazing kerosene heaters.

This week has mostly followed a pattern of getting up and counting down the days until I go on holiday. This time tomorrow I should be boarding my flight to Sapporo for a few days of r and r after 5 months of relatively normal work and that whole ‘get really sick and have a shitty winter vacation’ thing. I’ll order my copy of Homeworld 2 tonight as well, so that it’s ready and waiting for me when I get back.

Things are going okay. Fumiko is apparently moving to Melbourne now instead of the U.S., a good choice in my opinion. I’m running into the good old ‘tired of this position’ grumbles that I get and know how to manage from time to time. On the one hand they take some a little effort to put aside and do the job properly, which happens and on the other hand they are justifying the decision I made last year not to re-contract for a third year here.

Decided I will look up the man who directed all the miniature photography on lord of the rings. Show him the decent work I think I’m doing with the visual look of Chickens and say that if he has any good development positions open I can fly my self there in an instant when my contract expires here. On a similar note, Chickens 4 went live yesterday. This is the final scene setting part of the storyline and finished at the very moment…well, if you want to know just click the link at the top of the page. Anyway, when I return I’ll have to spend some more time developing special effects techniques because Chickens 5 will be the first action set piece.

How to fry a chicken without depleting the ranks of your cast and not angering your girlfriend who has expressly forbidden you to even singe one hair on any chicken, because they are ‘cute’? I may have to buy a bag of fuzzy cotton dots and burn / melt them somehow? Eventually I’ll have to do the tanks as well.

Another point of note is the focal distance of the macro on my camera isn’t quite enough to get a good crisp shot of a whole tank because they are too small to come into a crisp normal focus, yet too large for the macro to get the whole machine in clear detail. There are I believe two solutions for this at present, well three really.

  1. Sacrifice visual detail. Not really an option.
  2. Buy a new camera and some new lenses. Expensive, could buy bigger models for less.
  3. take shots of the same set up at different focal lengths and composite them together.

Out of all the options three actually seems to be the most cost (if not time) effective. I’ve done some test panels and they look okay. That’s me out. See you after the snowboarding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mate, it`s been far too long. I was wondering what you had been up to and stumbled onto a link to your blog in the favourites drop-down on the staff room computer. I must have put it there a while back. Nothing much to say, aside from that it seems like you are keeping yourself really busy in Saga. I bet you must be counting the days until you go home. I re-contracted, so it looks like I may be one of the last few from our generation.

stay in touch


2:46 PM  
Blogger Clayton said...

jo, I yoinked that entry of yours zombie

9:47 PM  

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