Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday ape

Monday morning. A frost melts in the sun, which now is rising earlier and earlier each day. A weekend spent partying leads to a Monday morning persona resembling a snail with an anorexic sense of happy.

I dreamed of Damacy last night. I keep on wanting to touch small objects around the office and pick them up.

The small glowing embers behind my eyes indicate that this could in fact be the start of a detox week.

I watched a short comedy sketch this morning that was based around the premise of a new exercise system. The new exercise system entailed a medium sized, violently aggressive, half man half ape creature which attacked you as soon as you let it out of its box. The ensuing fight provides you with a full body workout ‘the natural way'.

I hate half man half ape creatures. They are probably one of the only things I find irrationally terrifying, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that they are not (in all likelihood) real. There is still a part of me that was terrified through every part of Harry and the Henderson’s (and not just by the script) and is still convinced that the next time I wander into a forest death awaits me with a swaying man like gait and short nasty, pointy teeth.

Did you know that recently a government sponsored team has begun to try and find evidence of the existence of a these creatures on Islands in Indonesia? It’s news worthy because it is the first time any public body has ever conducted serious, funded research into whether or not a missing link type creature exists. I will never ever again go into any forest without being armed if they find some and prove the existence of half men / ape creatures. They could be anywhere.

Watching me.


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