Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tiny little chickens...millions of them...

Um, whats going on here then?

Not much at the moment really. Fumiko has populated my apartment with every single little wire chicken she could buy from the 100 yen store. I think I will make a web cartoon with them, because, as I found out after she arranged them all over my house, she intends to leave them here.

Going a bit stir crazy around Kashima and have recently taken to traveling to other cities for the purpose of taking very expensive baths.


Today is the first day back at school and there are of course tests. Fumiko has populated my apartment with tiny wire frame yellow chicklets and I’m thinking of spending my evening writing a new comic featuring them in an epic battle against their nemesis…the miniature tank army…watch out for the new upcoming feature…exotic locations..epic battles…daring courage and bravery. In a chickeny way.


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