Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's working

The first episode of Chickens Vs Tanks has been completed and is now uploaded into its own new photobucket account…What are you waiting for? Click below and go to read the newest, sweariest cartoon featuring the largest all star cast of chickens and miniature tanks ever! Rated LSC for lots of swearing chickens.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chickens Vs Tanks: The chronicles of the days when God lost interest, took a major leap forward over the weekend with the design, purchase and construction of my first blue screen set and tripod. Because of the scale of the miniatures I am working with it’s 1.5 meter square floor and 1 meter high main walls are large enough for me to build entire villages and cities in and turns my two foot high tripod into a 150m crane. Which is nice. It also turns the two new 30 watt UV lights above the set into a full lighting grid.

Mostly I was very excited about the fact the blue screen actually works and works well. Once I upload the stills into the editor I can remove all the blue with a click of the button and have a clean fresh image for compositing in a fraction of the time it would take if I was shooting against some kind of background. Also deciding to shoot the entire production on blue screen eliminated all concerns about weather conditions (chickens blow over with the slightest gust of wind) lighting elements and doing photo shoots on the weekends as its always dark by the time I get around to it these days. Most importantly I finally managed to get some shots of the tanks done and they look stunning once they’re processed

All in all it’s kind of strange to watch a cheap throw away idea lodge in my head somehow and take on a life of its own, with its look getting progressively more and more refined. Time to crank the local PR machine a bit.


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