Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chickens Vs. Tanks progress report

Work on chickens vs tanks is proceeding as well as can be expected for a creative endeavor that was dreamed up on the first day of work after a long period of time sitting around with nothing much to do. Arse-biscuits. However, the first three episodes have been scripted and the over arching storyline is well planned out at this stage. Currently looking at potential locations for various major set pieces. Last night nearly completed the first frame, but awaiting an opportunity to get a photo of a tank into the editing suite to do a frame featuring the other main characters before I can make any decisions on final color grading, overlays etc...

The website on the other hand has been formatted appropriately and now even has a web banner instead of a blogspot title as I spent most of yesterday twatting around with the HTML code in the editing window. The banner itself is quite impressive and even surprised me with how well it turned out. In fact it upped the production value levels for the entire concept. Once I have the look down and the introductory episode completed I’ll post a link up here to what promises to be the most violent, degrading and sweariest web cartoon series featuring chickens and miniature tanks EVER.

I can smell your excitement from here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like your banner. SSS

8:35 AM  
Blogger Deon said...

yo yo muwhaka,

Man I am excited! You can smell it... and I can see it pooling around my chair. I gots me a job interview eh bro, at a post production house in Londinium... may the four C's be wih me: Cool, Cutthroat, Cash and Cadaver.

Hope you're having fun Adamanski!
Genkidesu, Deon

10:32 AM  

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