Tuesday, December 13, 2005

White mounds

We got more snow this morning. The hills are dusted white and an icy northern wind is rattling the doors in the corridors. Slate grey and light violet clouds have covered everything. I was pummeled by gusts of icy slush on the way to school. Novelty ensues and I become joyous with leaping cold.

Other things, children, leapt all over me last Thursday and left me with a marvelous cold that saw me on the couch all weekend watching movies in a subdued, rather sick, manner. Still not the greatest now.

It’s now time for this years bitch about kerosene heaters. Why do they have to be on the whole time? I am now convinced that the Japanese are actually reptiles incapable of regulating their own internal temperature. Land of extremes.

Recently I asked Hiroshi why, when leaving the staff room, he walks out and around in an arc towards the staircase, while I walk in a straight line. I knew it was because he was moving around to the right hand side to go up, and to avoid people coming down, but the way he automatically did it without thinking, even when there was only the two of us present on the stairwell, seemed worthwhile to bring to his attention. We spent the next ten minutes discussing with the class issues regarding cultural staircase practice. As someone has recently pointed out here, teaching English is sometimes not the primary reason for my employment here.



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