Friday, December 02, 2005

This week

This week has been shrouded in a pleasant all pervading gloom of constant moody clouds and rain showers. It’s getting colder and my black jacket has awoken from summer hibernation and now encases me with its wide array of interesting smell and textures.

This week’s creative writing capitol has been expended mostly on the discussion on global politics I have been maintaining with Josh and MC Masterchef over on the SagaJet forums. It’s good to practice to have open discussion about a topic; it puts your own beliefs and ideas about a subject to the test, exposes you to the viewpoints that you have not considered, hones your argumentative tactics, keeps ones writing up to scratch and is a good way to get to know about other people and their opinions. It’s kind of like playtime at school but for big kids. And I get paid to sit their and write about it. Yeah!

I try to refrain from mentioning political stuff here, as the purpose of this page was always to document my adventures in foreign lands, however, as we go into the transition period of next year it will not only record that and beyond, but serve as a potential example of writing ability for any jobs I will apply for. I also intend to send the full manuscript (which I have) to publishing houses, just to see what happens.

Aside from that, most of this week has been taken up by the elementary school classes which have replaced my regular junior high schedule due to exams taking place this week. I have taken over full lesson planning for two out of three schools and have recently acquired resources that make communication with the Japanese teachers much easier and thus my job much less frustrating.

Tonight I will travel to the city again to see my rather nice Fumiko and have dinner. Now, I sit, behind my desk, waiting for the clock to hit 4:05 and them I am out of here. I will disappear faster than the popes fart this afternoon. I’ve just had enough of work for one week. I resorted to stealing kids pencil cases in class this afternoon to alleviate the amazing boredom that can result from your job being to teach the most basic aspects of a language that you’ve spoken your whole life.


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