Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Medical Check

recently had my once a year medical check for my medical insurance. They insisted I take it because of the ammount of money they spent on having my teeth removed last year. I think they were waiting for me to say "oh thankyou very much for all that money" but the insurance is a stated clause in my contract so they can stick their feet in the snow for any continuing apology or thanks four months down the track.
Anyway......it was moderatley dehumanising queing up in line to be weighed and measured and have blood taken and pee in a cup. They wanted me to do something that involved my poo and a stick but i flat out refused. What makes it annoying is that the medical people get excited and giggle because they are dealing with a foreigner, which makes you feel even more like cattle. So after the electro cardiogram, the vision test, the hearing test, the consultation with a doctor they put me, somewhat annoyed, into this eye testing machine. I was told to watch the red light, which I did. Then they went and got my supervisor to translate that I should look at the red light, which I was doing anyway. Here's me thinking that they were going to scan some kind of light across my eye. Wrong. The fuckers took a photo of the back of my eyeball. Ouch. its like basically opening your eye right in front of a camera flash bulb as it goes off. I jerked my head back wearing and cursing, ready to punch anyone. Certainly a useful medical check to have done, but I was angry no-one had given me any kind of explanation about what was going to happen, otherwise I would have refused to have it done.


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