Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A lot less work

The period of intense business passed over us here on Thursday afternoon when I said the word ‘adjourned’ and ended the successful, hour and a half long seminar presentation myself and my co-worker had been holding for about 70 people in the Renaissance Hotel in Saga city. It was with a deep sigh of relief I settled back into my couch on the Thursday to ruminate on the end of 10 hour days at school, coaching preparing and teaching, and realized that I still had one more day of conference to go.

Overall the conference seemed slightly worse than last years event, but a full post mortem was performed by myself and Aine yesterday, so really, I can’t be bothered thinking about it anymore.

I visited Cybac for the first time on Friday evening. Cybac is a large entertainment centre. It has multiple floors which house everything from private rooms for you to play video games and sleep to pool tables, table tennis, karaoke, bars, and whatever else the modern Japanese person likes to do with their free time. You sign up and acquire a membership card and you are given an access badge. You are charged by the hour for the time you spend in their, but everything except the food and alcohol is free. You can walk up to your favorite video game machine, grab both player weapons and blast away for as long as you like. We played rounds of pool and table tennis, sang and then after that you will have to ask other people what became of the evenings events as I don’t remember.

Saturday morning I came to at Ollie’s, minus my last asthma remaining medication and with a keen urge to eat some food.

Last night I was walking to meet Fumiko at the train station. I was wearing my grey hooded sweatshirt and it was cold so I had my hood on my head. I was walking up behind three senior high school girls, my pace overtaking them as they were walking slowly, when one of them turned, saw me and they all fled to the train station. I continued walking to the train station and had to wait on one side of the gate until Fumiko arrived, with them poking their heads around the corner, watching me. I told someone at school about it this morning just to be on the safe side in case they decided I was following them to perform untoward acts.

I would call them stupid girls, but they were actually being quite smart about their interpretation of the situation. Oh well.


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