Wednesday, November 09, 2005

General Update

This update is designed to generally inform public opinion as to the reasons pertaining to the lack of recent publication occurring at this website:

The Feature Wall

Suffice to say that work has become disproportionately busy for a number of different reasons and this has caused some distraction from the task of actually recording events, as events have been at such a pace as to prohibit their subsequent recording.

This is somewhat vexing.

Will the members of the general public please be assured that of this moment everything, if somewhat busy, is in effect fine and normal publications on this site will hopefully recommence sometime around the Friday to Monday mark, failing that, then the following Friday dependant upon seminar preparation timetable.

We thank you for your continued patronage and encourage you to visit back regularly and even to comment on the material you discover herein for your enjoyment of perusal. Thank you very much for your time and a pleasant good day to you all.

Yours with affection.

The Proprietor


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