Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why can't dutch people sing the blues?

So most of this weeks writing efforts have been going into the draft of a story I dreamed up the other night. You know when you have a really vivid dream and wake up and write it all down on paper in the middle of the night? It involves absolutely none of the following:
Foreign Planets or
In that respect it is entirely different to last nights dream, also very vivid, however this dream involved one of the four riders of the apocalypse running me over with his horse, a horse and rider so vividly real I could smell the shit on the shoe of the horse as it stood on my face.

So yes, I woke up early again this morning to.

It’s in an infant stage right now, but the idea keeps working around in my mind and I’m able to do a little bit more work on it each day. Currently working on setting speech patterns that communicate personality aspects of the different characters.

Once again I received faxes full of useless lesson plans from the local elementary schools. One school wants me to play paper, scissors, rock for a full 45 minutes.
Fuck off, what a waste of time.

Also have to start planning out my presentation for the mid year seminar. Not in the right frame of mind at the moment to design a seminar with the theme of effective team teaching while I am putting my head around a new story and the various different Ideas I have about what I want to do next year when my contract expires. What I really need is a good night out in Fukuoka.

Then the glory of the weekend will fade again into the gloom of Monday morning working in an environment where most of the kids can’t even bring themselves to say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ in English.

Long term job morale not high this morning.


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