Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tum te tum...saga is slow

Weather drags on at a still ungodly hot level during the day, but has relented during the evening allowing some sleep without the aid of an air-conditioner. Sleep however was troubled. That feeling of waking every hour or so and then drifting back to sleep, only to wake again in another hour. I had problems sleeping this time last year too.

The weekend involved the watching of several movies, some occasional food and the odd round of BF2. BF2 1.3 patch has been released which is nice because now I am able to gain points for eliminating enemy strategic objectives.

Looking at the option of doing some investment in futures trading with the gold market being incredibly bullish at the moment.

My hair is getting longer.

I was presented with a bag of shackled ring puzzles this morning and immediately managed to partially solve the first one by removing the steel ring from two conjoined horseshoe shaped loops.

Putting it back on required a lot more time and effort though.

What am I supposed to do with my adult class this evening? Maybe some film watching. A few rounds of guess what happens next maybe?

This will be interesting as the film they will be watching is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.


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