Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sweet Doom

I read the news too much some mornings. However, all current unfolding events taken into consideration my position is looking rather well placed for my age at this current juncture point in world history.

On one hand I am about as far away from the beginnings of world war three that are condensing in the Persian Gulf as you’d want to be. While Iraq spins towards civil war (a situation I predicted, like many other people, about six months before they began the greatest strategic disaster in United States history….so called that one, stick with the kid baby, Mentoc: Mind Taker!) and the U.S. looks to apparently expand its operations into Iran and Syria I sit out here on the edge of Japan in one of the last places trouble would come calling. Even if North Korea got antsy and started some trouble, I live in Kashima. Ha! There’s nothing here. Sweet.

Bird flu. Japan is probably the best part of Asia to be living in if / when a wee outbreak occurs. The organizational structure of Japan is such that in the event of a serious outbreak all sections of society would probably carry out whatever means are necessary to stem the consequences and carry them out dutifully and conscientiously. I don’t live in a densely populated polluted city. True it is a rural area, but poultry farms where I am are non-existent. Its all rice and potatoes and tea out here. Sweet. I know that’s a bit optimistic but lets not get all down on the situation.

Coming U.S. financial crash. I’m going to sure up some of my paper money by converting it into gold stock. Sweet.

I am very fit and healthy. Sweet.

I have a steady paying job with benefits and health plans. Sweet.

If things get really hairy I have that most valuable of travel documents (as sought after by bastard mossad agents) the New Zealand passport. This allows me entry into one of the more isolated countries in the south seas that should, hopefully, in the event of total global break down, seal itself off and become completely self sufficient. Sweet.

The majority of things considered…..Sweet.

Good to live in interesting times though. Sweet sweet doom mongering


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