Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still nothing exciting

Thursday. A string orchestra builds up into a crescendo. A spotlight in the corner of my apartment slowly illuminates the ghost of Marvin Gaye, dressed in a blue ball gown and carrying a martini glass. The afterlife is apparently full of sick surprises for all. Marvin Gaye steps up to the microphone. He croons through the first verse and then reaches the height of the piece. The main lines of “Whats going on?” are just about to pass over his ethereal lips when he realizes, that, in this apartment, there is distinctly nothing what so ever going on at all. It is 6:46 am; a sleepy man has bashed the alarm clock into quiet meek subservience yet again. The freckled, nicely shaped arm flops onto the ground. Marvin Gaye checks his PDA, notices he has made a small mistake in his scheduled round of appearances and promptly disappears, leaving the room completely unchanged in any way shape of form.

A seriously non-eventful morning routine takes place in the proceeding hour and a half. It involves a staggered entrance to a bathroom, made after the ritual of turning the pc on has taken place. Some granola is placed in a bowl. An expensive, yet very efficient, new can opener whisks the top off a giant can of mandarins. The mandarins are arranged on top of the granola. Yogurt is poured, music is selected, news is read, email is checked and food is eaten. Washing and grooming occurs immediately after and following ten minutes of wandering around an apartment in circles gathering items that may or may not be useful during the day, a foreign man of average height and build walks out of his apartment and boards his bike, with an air of clockwork precision at around 8:04 am.

Routine. Repetition. The bywords of the average working week. This in particular is a very routine and repetitive working week. The classes are regular, the instructions for the elementary school lessons are back to the normal piss poor standard that 2 out of 3 schools continue to maintain. It has involved, this week, so much Swiss motion as to make the time literally fly. It is Thursday, yet is severely reminiscent of a Tuesday. Maybe something exciting will happen this weekend.


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