Monday, October 17, 2005


Arrived at school this afternoon to the news that Hara sensei’s young daughter died yesterday. The school is pretty quiet today. It just doesn’t seem fair when you hear about that kind of thing. I’ve been told it was sudden, however he organized six months of leave recently, to the extent that a replacement teacher was bought in to cover his classes, so I expect it was not as suddenly as I was led to believe. It’s a shame, he had photo’s of her all over his desk. She was a very sweet girl.

In other news, it was cold this morning when I got out of bed. Blissfully cold. The mercury is right back up around where it normally is today, but the nights are cold again well and truly now. Summer is finished, autumn has finally begun in full swing.

I was in class today, revising new vocab with the students. There was a gap of silence while myself and the teacher discussed Meg Ryan. Meg is a character in the text books the students use and her name was included in the vocab list. This gave rise to the subject of Meg Ryan, and approval or disapproval of her ability as an actress. In this moment of perfect silence, a student at the front of the class piped up with,

“Mr Adam, do you eat Meg Ryan?”

Myself and the other teacher collapsed laughing, as did the student, who I believe was kind of relieved his off color English joke had worked.

I declined to answer.


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