Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Update no. 5

Well, it’s overhead right now. It’s a powerful storm no doubt, but so far nothing as remarkable as the news media here have been making out. However, this is only a LOCAL observation. It could be much worse over on the east coast. It could get worse here too.

Just checked, they advised 70,000 people to evacuate over on the south coast areas, with 800mm of rain and one poor soul drowned.


It’s been building steadily for about 4 hours now and outside is looking a bit battered around. Must be gusting to around 80-90 kph at times I reckon, maybe 30 kph average. Its making that jet engine sound regularly, sometimes I hear the roof creak and groan. The roof groans, not me. I’m having a ball.

I spent a good three hours solid playing BF2 this morning and did nothing else all last night. Got a new promotion and unlocked my first alternate kit. Cool.


Shit, a really big gust just did shake the whole house. Time to dip into the supplies of pickles again I think.

I’d try and post some pictures, but it’s really hard to convey heavy rain in a photo as rain doesn’t tend to show up easily on camera.

More as events progress


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