Monday, September 05, 2005

Update no. 2

Welcome to Typhoon Nabi Watch.

With school cancelled tomorrow I have little else to do except stay up late and ride out this storm, which is heading straight for Kashima.

If you click on the link about rain to the right of the page you’ll be taken to the JMA rainfall data for Northern Kyushu, so even if I loose power and can’t post you can still see the state of things here. JMA is amazingly accurate and there’s a lot of other useful info about this storm. Check out the satellite updates here;

Let the animation load and watch it spin.

We’ve had those massive clouds twisting over the city all day now, and at about 12 it started to rain. Nothing too extreme. But oddly enough timed to the exact second I walked outside. Bastard.

I put aside 12 liters of fresh water in the fridge, some new batteries for the flashlight and I have some candles too just in case it gets hairy later on tonight. I filled my outside rubbish bins with ballast water to stop them blowing away and bundled up the empty kerosene bottle between them. If they move, then we’re really in trouble. I tied down the clothes bar outside my house that I hang washing on.

It’s now just after 11pm Japan time, the crickets are still chirping, and we’ve just had the first few gusts of the wind which has been steadily building over the past 11 or so hours. The gusts start with a deeper rumble and at this stage they aren’t shaking the walls yet. I bought my mountain bike inside instead of locking it to something. I don’t want it to get damaged if other stuff starts moving around out there.

That’s it then, locked down and battened shut like oh so many sailing clichés. Sensible precautions I believe. Time to party.

Additional supplies include 23 cans of Dads brand root beer, 5 liters of Cranberry juice, one bottle of Banford Station wine, one bottle of Sake, one nearly full bottle of Absolut Vodka, one massive jar of baby dill pickles, a custard pudding, some pineapple, 2 pounds of honey roasted cashews, a whole shit load of granola, some rice, and a ready made salad.


Blogger Clayton said...

still have power down here too, for now.

btw, sorry I didn't know about your birthday, but I'm sure the kisses comforted ya

1:41 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Thats cool.

Looks like it might really be tomorrow when it hits us properly. It's a slow moving one apparently.

Good luck clay!

2:20 AM  

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