Wednesday, September 21, 2005


One of my students has learned the phrase “Shut up you” and regaled me with his skill this morning. I placed him in a decent headlock.

My much anticipated lunch out yesterday afternoon bought the ill wind of dodgy curry my way. I turned green in the late afternoon and spent most of the evening recuperating after a fairly vigorous post school stomach evacuation.


Today is well sticky hot. The kids are dead in the water. Its like trying to mold honey into shape getting any response out of them. Busy morning though with back to backs all the way through to lunch, then some planning for tomorrow. Tempted to slipp away and have a kip in the tatami room for a while.
I’ve been dead on my feet the past couple of days. One more day of work and then I leave for Hiroshima on Friday morning. Expect many grand photos.


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