Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pictures that are moving

I spent this afternoon editing together some clips from Sydney and then mixing in some audio over the top. Its Wildlife Analysis by Boards of Canada acompanying the Lion Fish, Sharks, Rays and other creatures of Sydney Aquarium.

And then I finally put some LOTR backing music to the Thailand Elephant ride.

They might be for the patient or bandwidth worthy, but check them out and let me know how they run for you, I can always recompress them smaller. Let them load. They need time. I only put them up as a spur of the moment thought and if I get some comments I will re author them for the web properly

The day has past now and I am back in the working mode. Last night I did in fact kill my first cockroach with the gun and I'm sure he was happy for his swift release from this mortal coil as opposed to a long death by poison.

Somebody is in trouble behind me. I can hear the kind of yelling that makes you feel funny when it's directed at you. Tomorrow I turn 25, a quarter century of survival. I will go and collect my official teaching permission for the next year from the Kyoku Enkai and then dinner is in Urehsino at an Okinawan style Izakaya.


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