Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Today was very busy, which was nice. Full day of classes and lesson planning that gave me exactly ten minutes to break and eat one meal during an 8 hour day. Then I did the bike swim thing and came in at a low 17 minutes again. After that I ate a chicken dinner and was then called away to teach an adult class I had forgotten about completely. I just finished doing my washing now.

At my school the biggest discipline scandal of the moment is a group of senior girls who, and get ready because this is a bad one….


For fucks sake.

I mean really, come one, disciplining 15 year old girls for trimming their eyebrows? How are these young people ever supposed to mature if they are cajoled and browbeaten (HA!) over the tiniest thing? I actually took a step back from the conversation I was involved in when I found this out.

A few hours later while talking to one of the male teachers I work with I found out he

a.) thinks it unnecessary to discipline them over it and

b.) couldn’t give two shits if the girls plucked their eyebrows out.

Between the two of us we believe that it is only being raised as an issue because all the female teachers weren’t allowed to pluck their eyebrows when they were in school. Or no one told them that you could actually do it anyway. The reasoning behind it?

“If the girls spend time at home plucking their eyebrows they will not be spending time studying.”

Come on Japan, give it a rest. The amount of usable study time they spent disciplining these kids is the more than they amount of time lost if they had plucked their eyebrows. You know why this country has a high suicide rate? Rampant unnecessary indoctrination type practices in the schooling system for one thing, a system where if you are even the tinniest bit different from everybody else it can be picked on. So if you really don’t feel like you fit in you have one big problem.

Another main event of the day was the revelation that after spending a year and a half dodging any kind of broader official duty, the Saga Prefecture Board of Education has decreed that I and Hiroshi Nakata must present a seminar on team teaching at the mid year conference / excuse for a drink with the lads. I then spent a few minutes reassuring Hiroshi, who is already nervous about it. If I had to help present a seminar and speak only in Japanese I would be too, however, little or no Japanese will be required of me. I will be doing the lion’s share of the presenting though, and this is fine with Hiroshi.


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