Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Electronic Performing Sports Aid

Last night I decided to push myself a little at the swimming pool. The 17 minute one kilometer swim has now been surpassed as a benchmark of fitness.

I have now entered the dawning era of trying to break the 37 minute two kilometer swim.

When I got to my final 100 meters, just after touching at 900 I decided that instead of sprinting I would just try and see how long I could keep going. I hit 1100 and 1200 okay. It was about this time that the song ‘Electronic Performers’ by Air came into my head, as its rhythm and pace were similar to that I was keeping in the pool.

So I kept on going.

Out to 1450 and 1500.

By the time I had reached 1700 meters there was no way I was stopping until I hit 2k. I still had some lungs left for a small sprint at the end. Did another 150 meters to warm down and got out, having completed my longest and farthest period of continuous swimming ever. 37 minutes, all tumble turns, no breaks. Excellent. A few people commented on the “goodo swimmingu” when I finally stopped.

When I got out I felt fine, not even thirsty like I normally do, or even nauseous how sometimes I am after extreme swims. Liking the long distance at the moment, so I will probably keep trying to push the distances further and the times lower. I don’t even really feel I get into any decent rhythm until I hit the 550 to 600 meter mark.

Aside from that the first full length working week of the year rolls on. We have hit the Wednesday afternoon mid point now, and the rest is downhill from here. Tonight I have devoted to the pursuit of total sloth, seeing as over the weekend I plan to clean my house, squirrel some cash away and not go anywhere in particular.

Except the swimming pool.


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