Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Voting and Vomiting

If you are a New Zealander who lives overseas and reads this page, you are probably over the age of 18.


Today is August 31 and overseas voting has officially begun for the New Zealand General Election on Saturday September 17th 2005.

You can now download voting papers from on this link if you have already enrolled to vote.

They can be printed out, need to be witnessed as being overseas and then can be faxed back to New Zealand.

If you haven't registered to vote yet there should still be time to do so if you start the process today. Go to
and enter your details.

The only wasted vote is one which isn't cast. You can only keep a democracy alive and viable through participation. Don’t give me any of this typical apathetic, ‘Oh its only one vote it doesn’t really change anything’ lazy, useless, slacker shit. Take some responsibility and participate. Here is a link to the election special page being run by which has topics on all the major issues for you to catch up on if you are behind on Kiwi news.

I have just voted and let me tell you it was a blow against those crazy Jesus beating homophobes at the destiny church let me tell you. Ah. The thrill of participatory democracy, I feel free!

Or you could adhere to the mindset that believes that if voting changed anything they’d make it illegal. However, this only seems to apply to corrupt democracies like the U.S., so in New Zealand it actually really does matter.

The welcome dinner on Monday night in saga was a unique affair. Well, actually the function was standard, but it was on a Monday. Which meant that the Celtic Heart had no knowledge of our intent to storm their bar en masse and cause some decent havoc. While the poor lone bar tender called in reinforcements it got so busy that ALT’s actually had to staff the bar to keep turnover going until the extra staff arrived. I decided not to offer my services as I was a bit to gone to comfortably test my nicely retired bar muscles.

We went to Karaoke, well, most people went to Karaoke. I stayed outside for an hour with an ALT, who shall remain safely anonymous in terms of this diary, while they vomited up enough food and booze to drown a small heard of Shetland ponies and proceeded to pass out. The only other person who really came down to help was Rachel, a now ex ALT from Australia. Maybe I should have applied for the prefectures assistant position. Oh it was messy, the cab ride across the prefecture was expensive, but this person needed immediate care and attention to avoid possible death. So it was worth it.

I didn’t do a thing yesterday as I spent it recovering from the previous evening. I stayed inside all day and washed the pieces of foreign spew off my shirt and pants.

Today I am back at school and have spent some time planning for classes tomorrow.

After one year this took me a grand total of 15 minutes.

Then I voted.

Now the most pressing and important errand I need to run is to jump on my bike and go and buy some tasty drink to absorb while I am eating my chicken cutlet and rice for lunch, which has just been ordered. After lunch maybe we will get to the story of what happened regarding me, the onset of puberty and the Catholic faith. With all this talk of voting and vomiting I just couldn’t find a decent segway into it like I had with the child and his hands over his ears.

Oh and as an aside, have you heard that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will be taking the comments made by Pat Robertson to the U.N. to seek resolution, and that this resolution could involve the request to extradite stinky Pat to Venezuela to face terroism charges? Okay, maybe not to face terror charges, but they have joked about offering him free psychiatric treatment


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