Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fuck Off Pat!

Once again the recent comments regarding the assassination of Hugo Chavez go to prove that the most dangerous and out of control group of religious fanatics in the world today are the insane rapture seeking Christian hardliners of the continental United States.

They bring to light the same harsh extreme right wing religious views and combine them with a militaristic, domineering idealism that would make Hitler and every single German soldier who went into battle with 'God is with us' written on their belt buckles proud.

For his blatant violence baiting and now his whinging backtracking, saying that his comments have been 'misconstrued' Pat Robertson is hereby awarded my own personal

Congrats Pat, you festering God botherer. By publicly stating that you endorse the course of action that would lead to another persons death you have undermined everything you ever planned to stand for in your career as a supposedly Christian broadcaster.

My dead cat is more Christian than you.
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